Biomedical Informatics (BMI)

Enables the effective use of clinical and other data in conjunction with information technologies to accelerate research. This program has a particular focus on digital health (dHealth) technologies as an especially promising area for innovation in new methods and approaches to advance health and research worldwide.


  • Enable the integration of clinical data across UCSF into a data repository for broad-based translational research.
  • Enable UCSF investigators to innovate effectively in the design, development, and evaluation of mobile technologies to improve clinical research and care.
  • Transform the culture of data sharing at UCSF and beyond by creating a sustainable model for the easy submission, discovery and reuse of research data.
  • Enrich investigator and resource profiling and search systems to facililtate the development of effective research collaborations.


  • Access UCSF clinical data for research purposes (Integrated Data Repository) or work with a team of experienced professionals to support your participant recruitment needs including identification of cohorts.
  • Apply for pilot funds and request expert guidance in digital health, or dHealth (Consultation Services).
  • Share and re-use research data at UCSF DataShare.
  • Access UCSF Profiles, expertise discovery and networking tool.
  • CTSI’s Data Management Unit in Consultation Services.


  • UCSF Information Technology Services (ITS) to facilitate the development of an IDR
  • UC Research Exchange (UC ReX): CTSI works in a consortium with the 4 other UC medical ampuses (UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UCDavis, UC Irvine) on a groundbreaking project to share clinical data for research across UC campuses
  • Rock Health: CTSI works with Rock Health, a prominent non-profit seed accelerator of health IT start-up companies
  • Center for Imaging of Neurodegenerative Diseases at UCSF’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus
  • Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS), home of the Dataverse Network Project
  • Harvard Catalyst and the CTO, Harvard Medical School on UCSF Profiles