Informatics and Research Innovation (IRI)

Emerging technology is generating major new opportunities for innovation in clinical and translational research. The new multidisciplinary Informatics and Research Innovation (IRI) Program will work to enable the following priorities:

Use of electronic health record (EHR) data for research 

Clinical trials embedded within healthcare delivery systems

Optimal use of mHealth technology for measurement and intervention

Direct-to-participant trials

Biospecimen consent and biobanking to support pre-clinical innovation and precision medicine


  • Enable the integration of clinical data across UCSF into a data repository for broad-based translational research.
  • Enable UCSF investigators to innovate effectively in the design, development, and evaluation of mobile technologies to improve clinical research and care.
  • Transform the culture of data sharing at UCSF and beyond by creating a sustainable model for the easy submission, discovery and reuse of research data.
  • Enrich investigator and resource profiling and search systems to facililtate the development of effective research collaborations.


  • Access UCSF clinical data for research purposes or work with a team of experienced professionals to support your participant recruitment needs including identification of cohorts.
  • Apply for pilot funds and request expert guidance in digital health, or dHealth (Consultation Services).
  • Share and re-use research data at UCSF DataShare.
  • Access UCSF Profiles, expertise discovery and networking tool.
  • CTSI’s Data Management Unit in Consultation Services.


  • UCSF Information Technology Services (ITS) to facilitate the development of an IDR
  • UC Research Exchange (UC ReX): CTSI works in a consortium with the 4 other UC medical ampuses (UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UCDavis, UC Irvine) on a groundbreaking project to share clinical data for research across UC campuses
  • Rock Health: CTSI works with Rock Health, a prominent non-profit seed accelerator of health IT start-up companies
  • Center for Imaging of Neurodegenerative Diseases at UCSF’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus
  • Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS), home of the Dataverse Network Project
  • Harvard Catalyst and the CTO, Harvard Medical School on UCSF Profiles