Strategic Opportunities Support (SOS)

Seeks to advance clinical and translational research at UCSF by providing funding resources to catalyze research and career development activities in clinical and translational sciences.


The SOS award gave me a critical boost at the time I needed it.
Jennifer Puck, MD, Professor of Pediatrics
  • To advance clinical and translational research at UCSF by providing resources specifically aimed at catalyzing research and career development activities in clinical and translational sciences.
  • To be a catalyst for researchers to explore novel areas and test the limits of innovative technologies and methodologies.
  • To accelerate the conversion of scientific discoveries from laboratories to the clinic and into practical medical advances for patients and communities that need them the most.
  • To provide a transparent, peer-reviewed process that awards funds to encourage and to enable research and career development in clinical and translational research.
  • To enhance the careers of investigators who are interested in obtaining expertise and skills required for modern clinical and translational research.

Resources and Services

Funding: SOS provides ~$1M/year to support researchers at UCSF

Research Grants

  • Digital Health Research: Support for planning or development of mobile technology, or the accumulation of preliminary data for grant proposals and/or for publication.
  • Pilot for Junior Investigators in Basic & Clinical/Translational Sciences: For new and junior faculty who achieved independent status. These Pilot Projects support preliminary research using human subjects, tissue, or clinical data to address questions related to disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, or management.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Planning Grant: Supports development of complex cross-disciplinary research projects, through funding of activities leading to large grant applications, such as a PO1 grant.
  • Team Science Grant: The goal of this award is to stimulate new collaborations of UCSF scientists from diverse fields, including social, basic, and clinical research, which address clinical and translational research questions that require an innovative, multidisciplinary approach. This award will provide funding to develop complex cross-disciplinary research projects, including arranging meetings of investigators, performing preliminary studies and preparing grant applications. In addition, we encourage teams that are diverse based on gender, ethnicity, race and other characteristics.

Career Development

  • Under-Represented Faculty & Senior Fellows in Clinical and Translational Research Awards: Directed at fellows and assistant professor faculty from economically under-represented and/or ethnic or racial minority backgrounds. The goal is to encourage fellows and junior faculty from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds to remain in academia for their career, and thus increase the diversity of our faculty.
  • New Child Leave Award: Provides support for clinical and translational research faculty who are returning to work after parental leave by relieving them of non-research responsibilities for up to 3 months following family leave.


In addition to standard SOS grants, SOS offers additional awards in partnerships with:

  • CTSI - Catalyst Awards for the Development of Diagnostics, Devices, Therapeutics and Digital Health
  • UCSF – Resource Allocation Program (RAP)