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Advert for Digital Health Transforming Drug Development - Translational Science Forum on Sept 26th

Digital Health Transforming Drug Development: How can we now convert vast amounts of patient data into actionable insights? How can we ensure digital health translates to new therapeutics and personalized care? MedImmune, in partnership with the UCSF Catalyst Program, will host a one-​​day forum in Silicon Valley to address these questions and more. Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA 7am-6:30pm, Sept 26th;

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  • Dispatches From the Frontiers of Biotechnology by Nathanial David, PhD, Co-founder & President of UNITY Biotechnology, June 7, 2017 Article / Video
  • Rare Disease Symposium: Negotiating the Challenges of Therapeutics Discovery for Rare Diseases
    Fri, Mar 3, 2017  Article / Videos
  • Large Genetic Data Sets for Therapeutic Discovery, by Richard Scheller, CSO at 23andMe, Feb 26, 2016 Video (Requires UCSF MyAccess login)
  • Catalyst Report Out Keynote: (Fall '15) by KR Sidhar of Bloom Energy, Jan 29, 2016 ArticleVideo
  • Data Reproducibility in Preclinical Discovery, Is It a Real Problem? Sept 17, 2015 Video
  • Catalyzing the Next Generation of Healthcare Technologies and New Medicines, Aug 5, 2015 Info
  • Translating Discoveries to Products in Academia: HBA Dine Around w/ June Lee, MD, Jul 30, 2015 Info
  • Catalyst Report Out Keynote: (Spr '15) by Sean Bohen, June 3, 2015 Article
  • Commercializing Diagnostics in the Era of Precision Medicine-Panel discussion, May 8, 2015 Info / Video
  • Translational Research Funding Opportunities, in NINDS focus Areas w/ Rajesh Ranganathan, Feb 24, 2015 Info / Video
  • Translational Research: The Value of Studying Outliers, Lessons from Scorpions, Rats, Patients & Healthy People, by Hal Barron, Jan 30, 2015
  • Drug Repurposing: Opportunities and Challenges-Panel discussion, Sept 16, 2014 Video
  • Digital Health Innovation: Project to Product-Panel Discussion, May 14, 2014 Info
  • Catalyst Report Out Keynote: (Fall '12) by Tadataka Yamada, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Feb 2013 ArticleVideo

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