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Catalyst panel discussion on irreproducibility in preclinical studies.

Ida Sim, MD, co-director of CTSI Informatics and Research Innovation.

Panel on how to leverage UCSF and national Clinical & Translational Sciences Awards (CTSA) to transform research.


BioMed2.0 Blog

BioMed 2.0

September 12, 2016
Learning basic Git is a pretty essential skill for biomedical researchers sharing code—and increasingly, data—with others. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of helpful guides out there on how to get started. Here are 4 resources we recommend: Why use Git? Skim “Git can facilitate greater reproducibility and increased transparency in science” by Karthik Ram Are you a visual learner? Watch Data School’s... Read more
September 09, 2016
Contributed by Jamie Lam, Data Security Compliance Manager, UCSF School of Medicine Cloud technology offers many benefits to researchers, such as: ease of use, rapid deployment, and reduced costs. At the same time, there are also some hidden implications to using a cloud service provider, including security obligations that may not be well understood. While a well-designed cloud computing system... Read more
August 18, 2016
RNS SEO 2015 header Research networking systems (RNS) like Vivo, Profiles, and Pure are often sometimes undiscoverable by real users because of poor search engine optimization (SEO). Last year, we released RNS SEO 2015, the first-ever report describing... Read more