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Tadataka Yamada, MD, of Takeda Pharmaceuticals at a CTSI Early Translational Researach (ETR) event.


BioMed2.0 Blog

BioMed 2.0

August 25, 2014
"Redwoods" by Michael Balint (cc-by) The UCSF Profiles team has increased site usage by over an order of magnitude since the site’s big campus-wide launch in 2010. This “growth hacking” cheat sheet distills the key lessons learned... Read more
June 11, 2014
We’re using UCSF Profiles data to explore whether co-authorship networks are a good way to show the connections between researchers at UCSF. We can start off by looking at immediate co-authorship connections. I was surprised at how few current UCSF co-authors most users have. The flip side of co-authoring widely outside of one’s institution is that there are fewer internal co-authors:... Read more
December 13, 2013
What does a typical UCSF publication look like, in terms of the number of internal co-authors vs. the number of external co-authoring institutions? Here’s a breakdown among dentistry-related publications by UCSF researchers published in 2013. (This is the same analysis as yesterday, but looking at the number of external institutions, vs. the number of external people.) Again, I was surprised to... Read more