Clinical Research Systems and Services by Academic Research Systems (ARS)

Academic Research Systems (ARS)

Available Clinical Research Systems and Services

The Academic Research Systems (ARS) team offers a portfolio of research systems and services to help the UCSF research community obtain, store, share, and analyze the patient data sets needed for their research studies. ARS empowers medical scientific investigations by offering secure computing environments, data capture, management and analysis tools, and support services that strive to meet our clients’ research needs.

This portfolio includes:

  • Clinical Data Research Consultations: Through this consulting service, researchers can obtain identified and de-identified patient data sets from UCSF Medical Center and San Francisco General Hospital hospital databases, request services for the development of custom REDCap forms, surveys, plugins, and hooks, and engage an ARS consultant for a variety of data management consultations. This service is offered at the rate of $106/hour, with the first 8 hours of service per Principal Investigator being complimentary each fiscal year.
  • Cohort Selection Tool: This workbench enables researchers to query patient population counts for APeX patient data sets to facilitate hypothesis generation and patient cohort sizing.
  • MyResearch: This virtual research desktop is loaded with research software and data storage and collaboration tools. MyResearch offers research software applications, such as SAS, Stata, SPSS, R, TreeAge, Atlas.ti, MS Office, and Matlab free of charge. The MyResearch environment is connected to the standard HIPAA-compliant and secure Data Center Services storage offering, which is available at the rate of $0.24/GB/month for storage exceeding 10GB. The first 10GB of storage is complimentary for each Principal Investigator. MyResearch also offers collaborative tools, such as SharePoint and the UC ReX Data Explorer, to facilitate the conduct of multi-site research studies.
  • Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap): This web-based HIPAA-compliant and secure electronic data capture tool enables researchers to build surveys and data entry forms to store clinical research data sets collected during research studies. This system is available for use free of charge to the UCSF researchers and their external collaborators. This system also includes a mobile application for off-network data collection in areas with limited connectivity.
  • Research Data Browser: This workbench enables researchers to browse, visualize, and export de-identified APeX patient data sets.
    Research Data Browser
  • University of California Research eXchange (UC ReX) Data Explorer: This workbench enables researchers to explore patient population counts across the five UC Medical Center patient data sets to facilitate the potential identification of collaborators for cross-UC research studies. Once collaborators have been identified, a data extraction service is available to obtain de-identified and identified data sets for cohort identification and recruitment and retrospective data analysis.

Please visit to learn more about these services or contact the Academic Research Systems team at [email protected] for further information.