CTSI Spotlight: Sindy Law

Sindy Law

Sindy Law is a programmer and analyst for CTSI's Clinical Research Services (CRS).

How long have you worked at UCSF?

I have been at UCSF for 16 years so far.  I was at the Cancer Center for 14 years.  And I’ve been with CTSI CRS for the last 2 years.
What do you do at UCSF ?

I worked in a research lab as a geneticist during my first 3 years at UCSF.  Then I have been working in the informatics space during the last 13 years at UCSF.  I feel that the past 16 years at UCSF have been really productive.  I have learned a great deal all around!
What do you do (what is your role) for Clinical Research Services (CRS) of CTSI?

I am an application developer, business analyst and project manager for CRS.  CRS provides clinical research services through multiple cores at various clinical research sites that are located all over San Francisco (Moffitt, Mt Zion, SFGH, SFVAMC, Tenderloin).  I support all CRS specialized information systems that CRS is using.  Everyone in CRS is passionate about what s/he does.  I feel fortunate to be working with such a great group.

What are some things that people may not know about the work you do?

As much as I spend a lot of time writing code and supporting various systems, I also spend a good amount of time listening to a lot of people with various backgrounds, skill sets and personalities.  Listening to what people think, the way that people think and process information helps me write the best possible application/system because after all everything that I write is for people to use.  It’s important to me that the applications/systems that I write meet users’ needs precisely and accurately.

If you chose another career path outside UCSF what would it be?

Perhaps a peace keeper of some kind.  It would be really fantastic to work on something that goes towards peace keeping effort.
What's something that your colleagues or members of the UCSF community might be surprised to know about you?

I don’t have a Facebook account.  Everyone tends to find that rather surprising ..
What are your favorite things to do with your free time?

I love watching movies in languages that I don’t understand/speak and without subtitles.

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