Community Engagement & Health Policy (CE&HP)

Bridges academic research, health policy, and community practice to improve public health. Resources and services support research that investigates, plans, applies, and evaluates solutions to pressing public health problems.


  • They bring together those who do research with those who use it, to work more productively and improve health outcomes.
    Ellen Goldstein, MA
    Increase community participation in all stages of research to improve research-based practice and stimulate practice-based research.
  • Provide research and guidance for policy changes at the local, state and national levels.
  • Foster strong relationships for research collaboration between community health providers, policy makers, and academic researchers.
  • Identify key research opportunities and support the development of useful research tools.


  • San Francisco Health Improvement Partnerships (SF HIP) is a partnership between community, civic, academic, and other public and private stakeholders to collaboratively plan, implement, and evaluate systematic, well-coordinated interventions to make a measurable impact on the health of San Franciscans and reduce health disparities.
  • San Francisco Bay Area Collaborative Research Network (SF Bay CRN) is a practice-based research network (PBRN) designed to encourage, facilitate, and lead mutually beneficial practice-based research partnerships between UCSF researchers and community-based primary health care organizations, practices, and clinicians in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. We provide consultation, linkage, and pilot funding.


  • Consultations for policy and community-engaged research projects that are looking for input on community research methods, study design, partnership strategies, dissemination, evaluation goals, or advisory board development.
  • Training services include sessions on research and evaluation literacy for community agencies, dissemination and media training for researchers, community-based participatory research, and full courses on Implementation and Dissemination Science.
  • Resources publications, written by UCSF faculty, staff, and community partners and arranged in a clear and informative format, include Resource Manuals and Quick-Start Guides to Community-Engaged Research for academic and community partners


San Francisco Health Improvement Partnerships (SF HIP) is a collaborative effort between UCSF researchers, local government agencies, community-based organizations, and clinic systems to make a measurable impact on community health. SF HIP partners include:

  • San Francisco Department of Public Health
  • SF Unified School District
  • SF Hospital Council - African American Health Disparities Project and Community Benefit Partnership
  • SF Mayor's Office 
  • African American Community Health Equity Coalition (AACHEC)
  • Asian & Pacific Islander Health Parity Coalition
  • Chicano/Latino/Indigena Health Equity Coalition
  • Kaiser Permanente San Francisco
  • National CTSA Community Engagement Key Function Committee 
  • Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, Dignity Health
  • St. Mary's Medical Center, Dignity Health
  • Sutter Health California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC)
  • San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium (SFCCC)
  • SF Interfaith Council
  • Bayview/Hunter's Point Foundation
  • Metta Fund
  • Chinese Hospital

Special thanks to our partners at the historic Bayview Opera House, and to photographer Rebecca Gallegos, for the use of a photograph for this website.