Learn & Grow Supports CTSI Community

The CTSI Learn & Grow series emerged following a 2011 Gallup survey conducted at UCSF that included the question, This last year, I have had opportunities at work to learn and grow.

Inspired by that idea, a group of CTSI employees developed the Learn & Grow series to host discussions, workshops, and other informal events that provide an opportunity for CTSI faculty and staff to learn more about our colleagues, both professionally and personally, and to support the growth and development of the CTSI community.

The first event, An Afternoon Discussion with Clay Johnston, took place on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. Watch the video.

...first, the mission of an organization is critical, and second, our daily job has to be fun.
Aria Yow dicussing her take aways from Clay Johnston's Learn & Grow talk.
“I am especially interested in helping CTSI employees and affiliates learn more about each other’s work, and Clay’s presentation was a great way to get this effort started,” said Aria Yow, central analyst with the CTSI Operations & Finance team, and one of the Learn & Grow organizers.

“I learned a great deal from Clay’s talk, including two key points: first, the mission of an organization is critical, and second, our daily job has to be fun,” Aria said. “Clay clearly has a passion for doing both, and I couldn’t agree more.”

CTSI faculty and staff are invited to join the Learn & Grow committee, and to offer ideas or suggestions for future events. Please contact Aria Yow at Aria.Yow@ucsf.edu with any comments suggestions for future events.