Sr. Leadership Group

Jennifer Grandis MD

CTSI Director; CTSI Board Member; UCSF Associate Vice Chancellor of Clinical and Translational Research

Harold Collard MD

CTSI Co-Director; CTSI Board Member

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo MD, PhD, MAS

CTSI Board Member; Director, Clinical & Translational Science Training

Henry Chambers MD

CTSI Board Member; Director, Clinical Research Services

Kevin Grumbach MD

Co-Director, Community Engagement & Health Policy

Vanessa Jacoby MD

Director, Participant Recruitment

Alka Kanaya MD

Director, Consultation Services and CTST Fellows Program

Mark Pletcher MD, MPH

CTSI Board Member; Director, Informatics and Research Innovation

Rachael Sak RN, MPH

Administrative Director, UC BRAID

Laura Schmidt PhD, MSW, MPH

Co-Director, Community Engagement & Health Policy

Ida Sim PhD, MD

Co-Director, Informatics and Research Innovation

Kristine Yaffe MD

Director, Pilot Awards

Leslie Yuan MPH

Chief Information Officer & Director, Research Technology

Douglas Bauer MD

Director, K Scholars Program

Alice Fishman MS

Assistant Director, CTSI Programs

Christine Ireland MPH

Deputy Director, Clinical & Translational Science Training, TICR, and K Scholars

Mandana Khalili MD

Co-Director, Mentor Training Program, CTST

Jeffrey Martin MD, MPH

Director, Training in Clinical Research

Chuck Mcculloch PhD

Associate Director, K Scholars Program, Clinical and Translational Science Training

Eric Meeks

Chief Technology Officer

Lisa Schoonerman

Director, Online Education

Eunice Stephens MPH

Administrative Director, Clinical Research Services

Jennifer Creasman MSPH

Unit Director, Consultation Services, Data Management

Deborah Grady MD

CTSI Board Member; Senior Advisor

Anthony Kim MD

Unit Director, Consultation Services, Biostatistics & Study Design

Daniel Lowenstein MD

CTSI Board Member; UCSF Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Bertram Lubin MD

President and Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland

Gregory Tong

Senior Program Manager, Planning, Evaluation & Tracking