Measuring Progress and Impact

CTSI measures its impact in various ways, including efficiency of service delivery, transformative changes in how research is conducted, new science generated, and ultimately, improvements in health.

With a focus on transparency and accountability, CTSI's Planning, Evaluation and Tracking (PET) team has created a public dashboard to track progress and encourage feedback (learn about the source of this data). Additionally, new infographics feature CTSI program highlights, plus efforts to enable translational research and build innovative partnerships.

Aims & Metrics: July 2012-June 2013

1.  Effectively and efficiently develop innovative research services, technologies and training programs +

1.1  Engage UCSF Clinical & Translational investigators to deliver relevant services +

a. Percentage of clinical Principal Investigators (PIs) using CTSI resources and services


1.2  Develop solutions to support the UCSF research mission and address gaps +

a. Number of papers about CTSI projects submitted for publication


b. Percentage of CTSI "customers" who report being satisfied (or better) averaged across CTSI programs and services


c. Number of solutions (i.e. services, technologies, etc.) delivered by CTSI to UCSF/partners "on time and in full"


2.  Institutionalize mature Clinical & Translational research services, technologies and training programs +

2.1  Develop and implement processes to assess the maturity of, and transfer, CTSI initiatives +

a. Number of programmatic initiatives and activities transferred and adopted outside CTSI


2.2  Develop sustainable partnerships (in addition to NIH) within UCSF and externally +

a. Percentage of funding from sources other than Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)


3.  Systematically analyze and improve Clinical & Translational processes at UCSF, regionally and nationally +

3.1  Improve clinical research and regulatory processes at UCSF +

a. Average duration (days) from clinical research protocol submission (to Committee on Human Research) to the first research participant visit


b. Average duration (days) from research protocol submission to Committee on Human Research approval


c. Number of UCSF journal articles in high-impact publications (Impact Factor 5+)


d. Savings achieved from Lean Six Sigma efficiency improvement activities


3.3  Support Clinical & Translational research careers and multi-disciplinary teams +

a. Number of UCSF faculty engaged in Clinical & Translational research (one or more active studies in UCSF's clinical research submissions database)


b. Percentage of UCSF journal articles, with authors from more than one specialty, in high-impact journals (Impact Factor 5+)


4.  Maximize the impact of CTSI +

4.1  Maximize Return on Investment (ROI) from CTSI's portfolio of programs  +

a. CTSI program revenue as a percentage of total Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) funding


b. ROI to UCSF: Return (Facilities & Administration) per institutional dollar invested


c. ROI to UCSF: Return (Grants) per institutional dollar invested


4.2  Achieve measurable impact on targeted health issues +

a. Social ROI (over 5 years) per dollar of social investment for Children's Oral Health Project (CTSI Community Engagement & Health Policy program)


4.3  Efficiently execute CTSI program operations +

a. Percentage of annual targets achieved by CTSI programs


4.4  Ensure that CTSI is a great place to work   +

a. UCSF Gallup Survey: Improvement in CTSI staff satisfaction rating over previous survey period (in percentage points)


b. UCSF Gallup Survey: Improvement in CTSI staff engagement rating over previous survey period (in percentage points)


c. Number of employee promotions


5.  Promote Clinical & Translational research +

5.1  Promote the development of biomedical products in partnership with non-academic institutions +

a. Innovation index


b. Number of journal articles published by UCSF researchers in collaboration with non-academic partners/institutions


c. UCSF revenues from licensing (2012)


5.2   Increase Clinical & Translational resources  at UCSF +

a. Number of pilot awards delivered to UCSF Principal Investigators


b. Number of consulting hours provided to support Clinical & Translational researchers