Inside Out Accelerator Project Proposal Call

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Congratulations to Christy Boscardin, PhD and Ralph Gonzales, MD from the Division of General Internal Medicine and the Clinical Innovation Center (CIC) on receiving a scientific project grant from Genentech ($400,000) for the inaugural launch of CIC's Inside Out Accelerator this fall. This grant mechanism is designed to leverage industry sponsorship of front-line project teams for transforming clinical health care delivery, improve practice, patient experience and outcomes, and to achieve CIC’s mission to accelerate innovations that solve critical delivery system problems at UCSF Health.

Inside Out Accelerator


The Inside Out Accelerator program supports frontline providers and staff in redesigning health care delivery to improve practice, patient experience and health outcomes through sponsorships with foundations, companies and venture capital. For the inaugural year, we have received an unrestricted scientific grant from Genentech to support up to three innovation projects that target solutions to improve patient experience, and outcomes in the areas of oncology and hemophilia.  The Cancer Center Quality Council has identified the following areas as high priority:  1) Patient Navigation, 2) Cancer Survivorship, and 3) Patient Reported Outcomes.

This accelerator is committed to empowering frontline staff and providers to implement emerging clinical innovations and improvements. We believe that those of you on the front lines of clinical care can identify the best innovation opportunities.

Submission is simple (see below): we want to hear your ideas on how we can improve the clinical delivery system to reduce the practice gaps.

Concept submission deadline is October 1, 2017 at 11:59pm

From the proposals submitted, CIC will select up to three projects.

  • Awardees will receive up to $30,000 for one year to be used for personnel and/or equipment/supplies.
  • This is an innovation accelerator not a traditional grant. Awardees will receive the following support from the Clinical Innovation Center team: Project Management, technical assistance (IT & Development support), implementation science coaching, opportunities to engage with UCSF Health stakeholders, and design thinking.
  • Awardees are required to participate in at least 75% of bi-weekly meetings during the first 6 months of the program period.
  • The first test-of-change is expected at six months.
  • Funds must be expended within the award year; unused funds will not be carried over beyond the project year.  


  • All employees of UCSF are eligible to apply.

Proposal Template

For your proposal to be considered, it must contain each of the sections in bold below (use them as headings in your proposal) and be limited to one single-spaced page, 11 font with 1 inch margins.  

Initiative Owner(s): <name>, <personnel title>

  • ABSTRACT - One paragraph summary of your proposed initiative - 1500 characters (no spaces) limit
  • TEAM – Core project team members and titles
  • SELECT TARGET AREA PROPOSED: 1) Patient Navigation, 2) Cancer Survivorship, 3) Patient Report outcomes.
  • PROBLEM – What Problem is your innovation helping to solve?  What is the current state? What is the future state?
  • GAPS - Why does the problem exist?  System issues; technological gaps; educational gaps.  What is the practice gap (the difference between the current state and the ideal state)?
    • Describe your intervention and rationale for approach.
    • Describe your practice setting and target patient population, e.g. department, unit, clinic, patient characteristics, diagnosis group, procedure group, treatment group, provider characteristics, staff characteristics.
    • Describe potential barriers to implementation
  • QUALITY and SAFETY - What steps will you take to ensure that your intervention does not adversely affect quality of care and patient safety?
  • BUDGET - Line item budget up to $30,000 - Briefly identify key areas of the project that will require funding, e.g. salaries, software, printing, etc.

Contact: [email protected]

We encourage your participation and contributions. Please spread the word among your colleagues about this opportunity.