We have 16 programs spanning from early translational research to community engagement:

  • Biospecimen Processing Lab - Facilitates the efficient acquisition, quality control and management of biospecimens at UCSF. 
  • Clinical & Translational Science Training - Provides research education and training at all levels, for undergraduate students to faculty.
  • Clinical Research Services - Offers an array of adult and pediatric services through a network of research centers to translate promising clinical research ideas into successful protocols.
  • Clinical Trial Operations - Aims to identify, assess and prioritize barriers for inclusive and efficient trials, and steward solutions to challenges that adversely impact clinical trials operations.
  • Community Engagement - Bridges academic research, health policy, and community practice to improve public health. Supports research that investigates, plans, applies, and evaluates solutions to pressing public health problems.
  • Consultation Services - Provides expert advice to investigators in diverse research fields at every stage of research.
  • IMPACT - Provides UCSF faculty and staff with resources and training in collaborating with a broad range of stakeholders to quicken the adoption of evidence-based policies in healthcare, government, industry, and other sectors.
  • Informatics & Research Innovation - Enables the effective use of clinical and other data in conjunction with information technologies, such as digital health and the EHR, to accelerate research.
  • Participant Recruitment Program - Bolsters UCSF research by implementing programs and creating tools that allow research teams to meet recruitment goals with ease and efficiency.
  • Pilot Awards - Seeks to advance clinical and translational research at UCSF by providing funding resources to catalyze research and career development activities.
  • RAGE - Provides support and infrastructure for UCSF researchers to diversify their study populations.
  • Regulatory Knowledge & Support - Supports researchers in navigating regulatory and compliance issues and works with partners to advocate for improved efficiency of the regulatory approval process.
  • Research Infrastructure Network - The CTSI Research Infrastructure Network (RIN) aims to expand CTSI’s research network to include regional health systems to reach a broad and diverse translational science community.
  • Research Technology - Creates technology solutions that support the clinical and translational research enterprise with a focus on enhancing collaboration and making research more efficient.
  • Team Science - The CTSI Team Science program fosters multidisciplinary, multi stakeholder research collaboration by providing training, resources, and support that promote broadly-engaged team science at UCSF.
  • Trial Innovation Network - Enhances collaboration on investigator-initiated multi-site trial operations by leveraging resources and the collective expertise of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium.

Affiliated Programs

In addition to our core programs, we also have affiliations with the following programs across the UCSF campus:

  • Catalyst - a program within the UCSF Office of Innovation Ventures that supports translation of early discoveries towards clinical impact through research funding, expert consultation, identification of resources and building partnerships.