CTSI Identity

Thanks for your help in promoting CTSI by incorporating the CTSI identity into your communications. 

The CTSI identity contains elements which help promote the visual recognition and presentation of CTSI and its connection to UCSF. These elements include logos, tagline, graphics, colors, documents, presentation materials, among others.

Please use these materials when you are give a presentation, create a document or brochure for an event, send out emails, create social media presences etc.

CTSI Headline 

Accelerating Research to Improve Health

This short headline copy can convey CTSI's primary message and is ideal for quickly communicating what CTSI does.

PowerPoint and Stationery


Each poster template includes an NIH acknowledgement; please use the grant number for your group and period of support as explained on Cite CTSI.


CTSI logo Download a zip file of logo images that includes navy and white versions in small (shown here), medium (suitable for email newsletters) and large.

Color Specifications

Please refer to UCSF Brand Identity for guidance on color and other visual expressions.

CTSI Branding Guide PDF, Program Logos & Flyer Templates


CTSI Quick Response (QR) Code

Linking CTSI Promotional Print Materials to the Web

A Quick Response (QR) code is an image that people can scan with a mobile phone to connect to a website. Incorporate the CTSI QR code image and a short description, for example "Scan this QR barcode with your phone and learn more about CTSI!" into your promotional print materials that you use to represent CTSI, such as posters, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, business cards, name tags, and mail campaigns.

Get free barcode scanning software.


Recommended minimum dimensions: 1.25" x 1.25" plus 0.2" margin