Impacting Policy by Accelerating Translation

The Impacting Policy by Accelerating Translation (IMPACT) Program aims to influence real-world decision-makers to use data and science to inform their work. IMPACT provides UCSF faculty and staff with resources and training in collaborating with a broad range of stakeholders to quicken the adoption of evidence-informed policies in healthcare, government, industry, and other sectors.

The alt text for the Real World IMPACT graphic: 3 green squares connected by 2 green lines. The title above the squares is "We promote real-world IMPACT of science through:". Each green square has white text stating a way that the IMPACT program promotes real-world IMPACT of science. From left to right, the text says: Changing the culture at UCSF to catalyze real-world impact; Providing resources to policymakers; and Education & Training. In each green square there is an icon to represent the text. From left to right, the icons are: a light bulb with lines pointing away from the bulb to show that the light is on; a gear surrounded by a circle of dashed lines with an arrow pointing to the middle; and a person icon standing in front of a board with a pointer with 3 people icons you see from waist up to show that they are listening to the presentation.

Our work is housed in the Clinical & Translational Science Institute and takes advantage of the enormous capacity UCSF already carries to support real-world decision-makers.

: 3 white rectangles on a turquoise background. The first 2 rectangles have arrows below them pointing to the next rectangle. The arrow represent how the previous rectangle(s) influences the one(s) below. The 1st white rectangle is for UCSF and outlined in orange. Below the UCSF the text says with a bullet point: strong track record of providing infrastructure to accelerate clinical and translational research. The 2nd white rectangle is for CTSI and outlined in purple. Below the CTSI the text says with a bullet point: World-class research, education and patient care institution. The 3rd white rectangle is for the IMPACT program and is outlined in green. The text below IMPACT says with a bullet point: Translating evidence to influence policy in government and health systems.


A head shot of Hilary Seligman. Hilary is fair skinned woman with brown hair, and light colored eyes. She is wearing a blue shirt and black glasses, and standing in front of a grey background.

Applying research to inform local, state, and federal policy has allowed us to take what we have learned as researchers and improve the health of the community.

Hilary Seligman MD, MAS

Co-Director, IMPACT

A head shot of Laura Schmidt. Laura is a fair skinned woman with brown hair and blue eyes. She is standing in front of windows on a building. She is wearing a white button up shirt with a tan jacket over it. She is also wearing a pearl necklace.

UCSF scientists have a long tradition of moving policies that reduce the health-harms of commercial substances including tobacco, alcohol and junk food.

Laura Schmidt PhD, MSW, MPH

Co-Director, IMPACT