Our Work

"Clinical and Translational Science"—the effort to translate research findings into better health outcomes—is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary domain.  Bringing discoveries out of the lab and into clinical applications that improve public health takes a long time and requires specialized knowledge across the translational spectrum.  We work with a variety of partners to accelerate this process at each stage so that new treatments reach more patients more quickly.


Early Translational Research
Bringing basic science discoveries out of laboratories and into human applications

Clinical ResearchCollecting evidence to evaluate new treatments, disease risk factors and health policies

Late Translational ResearchImproving community health by implementing evidence-based policies and practices

Featured Initiative


The University of California Biomedical Research Acceleration, Integration, and Development (UC BRAID) program, in collaboration with the University of California Office of the President (UCOP), is a joint effort of the five UC biomedical campuses to catalyze, accelerate, and reduce the barriers for biomedical, clinical, and translational research across the UC system.

The effort includes identifying shared challenges and developing system-wide solutions in regard to policy changes, new infrastructure, and standardized processes. Areas of initial attention include contracting, drug discovery & development, informatics and the UC-Research eXchange consortium (UC-ReX), institutional review boards (IRBs), and metrics.