Pilot Awards

CTSI Pilot Awards aim to advance clinical and translational research at UCSF by offering funding opportunities to ignite innovative projects and catalyze research and translation of discoveries in clinical and translational sciences.

A particular emphasis is placed on support for faculty and trainees underrepresented in health sciences, early career investigators, and research focused on areas of strong public interest.

Family Support

Family Support Awards are intended to help researchers maintain research productivity in the face of significant but temporary time commitments related to significant family caregiving needs.

Prevention and Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders

The Pilot for Prevention and Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders Awards are intended to support projects focused on pursuing the research on prevention and treatment of opioid use disorders; with a particular interest in ones that will generate preliminary data needed to develop clinical trials or population-based community.

Early Career Investigators

Pilot for Early Career Investigators Awards are intended to support innovative studies including a wide range of biomedical research, including fundamental basic science, clinical / translational science, health policy and social science, digital health (incorporating the use of mobile technology) and population science.


​Under-represented Academics

Under-Represented Faculty & Senior Fellows in Clinical and Translational Research Awards provide support to researchers from historically disenfranchised racial and ethnic groups that are under-represented in health sciences, or from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, to encourage these researchers to remain in academia for their career and thus increase the diversity of UCSF faculty.

Anti-Racism Research

Pilot for Anti-Racism Research Awards are intended to support research and research capacity building using an antiracist framework. Two award types are available: research, and research capacity building.