Recommended Resources for Family Support Award Recipients

Family Resources

  • UCSF Campus Life Services: This page lists everything from events, childcare referral services, adult and elder care resources, myfamily resource directory and more.
  • UCSF Geriatrics: Find support to select care and services
  • UCSF CARE Advocacy Resources & Education: The CARE Advocate provides free, confidential support to any UCSF affiliate including students, staff, faculty, post docs and researchers who have experienced interpersonal violence such as sexual assault, dating/intimate partner violence, sexual harassment or stalking.
  • Caregiving Article
  • My Family at UCSF — Connecting families with support and resources
  • Family Caregiving Alliance: The mission of Family Caregiver Alliance is to improve the quality of the life for family caregivers and the people who receive their care.

Awardee Resources

  • UCSF CTSI Consultation Services: Comprehensive and integrated consultation for every stage of research
  • UCSF Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Online Course: RCR helps clinical researchers learn how to address the ethical issues that inevitably arise in research. Using video lectures, readings, case studies and weekly real-time small-group discussions via Zoom, the course addresses requirements and regulations for human-subjects research, including IRB approval and consent.
  • UCSF CTSI K Scholas Program: The K Scholars program, managed by CTSI’s Clinical and Translational Science Training (CTST) Hub, supports the career development of junior faculty building careers in clinical and translational research.
  • UCSF Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs: Providing support and advocacy for faculty and academic personnel
  • Edge for Scholars Newsletter: Family Matters Edition: The Edge is an open blogging platform where members can contribute to the discussion of meeting caregiving challenges in academic life. To join the edition: create a profile, select the Family Matters edition and any others you would like to follow.  

Health & Wellness

  • UCSF Disability Resources: Resources and information to help students, staff, faculty, and trainees navigate campus facilities and systems to obtain accessibility information and request appropriate campus disability accommodations.
  • UCSF Women’s Health: Offering Fee Based Classes and Groups
  • UCSF Health Care Facilitator Program: The Health Care Facilitator Program was initiated by members of the University Faculty Welfare Committee, UC Emeriti Associations, UC Retiree Associations, and HR/Benefits staff at the Office of the President.
  • UCSF Wellness & Community: This page was developed to be your go-to guide and one-stop shop for wellness resources. Most of these wonderful resources are offered by UCSF, so search no further.
  • UCSF Well-Being and UCSF Wellness: Wellness & Community is proud to advocate for the health and wellbeing of the UCSF community. We offer programs that contribute to the wellness and community of those who work and study at UCSF. We also focus on broad, wide-reaching initiatives to positively impact those who come to UCSF each day.  
  • UCSF Faculty and Staff Assistance Program: The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program invites all faculty, staff, residents, postdocs and clinical fellows to use our confidential employee assistance services. These are provided at no cost. We are staffed by licensed psychologists and postdoctoral trainees who provide confidential, brief psychological counseling to individuals and a wide variety of consultation services to the organization.

Compensation & Benefits

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach: Paving the Way Toward a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive UCSF for All
  • UCSF LGBT Resource Center: The Center aims to sustain visibility and a sense of community throughout the campus and medical center. We are committed to building workplace equity, promoting student and staff leadership, and providing high quality, culturally sensitive care to our patients.


  • UCSF Transportation’s Emergency Ride Home Reimbursement Program: We understand that emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. When they happen while you’re at work, the UCSF Employee Emergency Ride Home program makes sure you’re covered. All UCSF employees who commute by sustainable modes are eligible to participate.
  • UCSF Police Department Safety Escorts: Safety escorts are available to members of the campus community at Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, Laurel Heights, Mount Zion, Mission Center, and UCSF at SFGH; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Escorts are provided on and immediately adjacent to university property.


  • UCSF Office of the Ombuds: The Office of the Ombuds serves as a resource for all members of the UCSF community (faculty, non-faculty academics, staff, administrators, students, post-doctoral fellows and other trainees) and offers a safe, confidential place to discuss UCSF-related issues and explore possibilities for informally addressing concerns.