Post-Award Management for CTSI-Pilot Awards

Financial Management

  1. Your funds must be spent according to the approved budget. Prior approval is required to amend the budget by 20% or more. If you wish to amend your budget, please send a copy of your original approved budget, your proposed, revised NIH budget in Excel format, and an updated budget justification to the CTSI-Pilot Awards program administrator, along with a brief narrative explaining the reason for the change(s).
  2. Your funds must be spent consistent with the approved award. Any changes to originally stated aims must receive prior approval from the CTSI-Pilot Awards faculty director.
  3. You and your RSA or finance manager are responsible for ensuring all costs are allowable and allocable in addition to monthly reconciliation and year-end close responsibilities. For details on allowability and reconciliation, please refer to the Controller's Office.

Internal Review

CTSI conducts an internal review of up to 5% of all pilot awards transactions once a year. Following NIH policy, awards up to seven years old can be audited. If your award is selected, we will send a notification listing which transactions have been selected and will request all backup documentation. We will review each selected expense for:

  • Adequate supporting documentation is attached for each transaction including business purpose/project/study purpose
  • Signature approval and pre-approval on all transactions
  • Dates of the transactions are consistent with award funding period
  • Allowability on federal funds
  • Verification that services or goods were received
  • Correct chartstring was charged
  • If an expense transfer was processed, all of the above has been met; if on a federal fund, must comply with the 120-day rule and performance & budget period for the award.

No-cost Extensions

CTSI-Pilot Awards does not allow no-cost extensions. These awards are funded primarily through NIH dollars, and CTSI's particular agreement with the NIH does not allow carry-forwards. CTSI must enforce the terms of its award.

Fiscal Year-end

Investigators are expected to expend fully the amount of their awards by the close of the monthly ledger coinciding with their award end date. Any amount not spent will be forfeited with no exceptions.