Team Science

The CTSI Team Science program fosters multidisciplinary, multi stakeholder research collaboration by providing training, resources, and support that promote broadly-engaged team science at UCSF.

Broadly engaged team science aligns with the strategic goals of the National Center for Advancing Clinical and Translational Sciences, which includes engaging patients, community members, and non-profit organizations in the translational process. Broadly engaged team science can occur anywhere across the research spectrum, including generating questions, implementing research projects, or translating discoveries from bench to bedside. It promotes research processes and outcomes that are equitable, inclusive, and impactful for those who are directly affected by research.

The CTSI Team Science Program initiatives include a mechanism to enhance recognition of broadly engaged team science in the academic advancement process and the development of intramural funding opportunities through the UCSF Resource Allocation Program.

For more information about the CTSI Team Science program and broadly engaged team science, contact Program Coordinator, Saji Mansur at [email protected] or Program Director Michael Potter at [email protected].