Trial Innovation Network

A collaborative national network for multi-site clinical trials that focuses on operational innovation, excellence, and collaboration.

TIN logoThe NIH-funded Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is a national collaborative initiative aimed at improving investigator-initiated multi-site trial operations by leveraging resources and the collective expertise of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium, which includes UCSF’s CTSI.

The vision for the Trial Innovation Network is to innovatively address critical roadblocks in clinical research and accelerate the translation of novel interventions into life-saving therapies. The Trial Innovation Network is a collaborative national network that focuses on operational innovation, operational excellence and collaboration and will leverage the expertise and resources of the CTSA Program. The Trial Innovation Network will feature a single IRB system, master contracting agreements, quality by design approaches, and a focus on evidence-based strategies to recruitment and patient engagement.

The goal of the Trial Innovation Network is to not only execute trials better, faster, and more cost-efficiently but, importantly, to be a national laboratory to study, understand and innovate the process of conducting clinical trials. UC San Francisco is a Liaison to the Recruitment Innovation Center. 

Who is Eligible?

  • Any UCSF investigator across all four schools who are planning multi-site clinical trials or whose studies are eligible to submit a request for TIN services. 
  • Investigators who would like to collaborate on multi-site trials initiated by other sites and investigators across other hubs.

Services Provided for TIN Studies:

  • Single IRB support, resources and tools, and web-based platform (IREx)
  • EHR-based cohort assessment for informing study design and site selection
  • Assistance in identifying study sites across the United States 

What Makes a Good Submission?

  • Multi-site study design (3 or more institutions)
  • Includes all populations affected by the health condition being studied. This should include diverse and special populations including women, racial/ethnic minorities and children.
  • Opportunity to study an innovative designs and approach to improve quality, efficiency, or cost of clinical research


  • Opportunity to provide evidence that can improve future clinical trial designs, conduct, and reportability.

Proposal Submissions

The Trial Innovation Network is accepts competitive submissions of requests for research proposal support on an ongoing basis. Use the links below to learn about the TIN proposal process, submission instructions, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).