Clinical Trials Operations (CTO)

Clinical Trials Operations Principal Investigator (PI) Bootcamp


To provide UCSF Principal Investigators (PIs) with training on research operations and the process of conducting research here at UCSF.​​


PIs are welcome to attend the modular sessions over the course of the two days – from November 2-3, 2023 via Zoom. Attending all sessions is not required.

Registration is open and available on the UC Learning Center at; see below for detailed instructions.

Day 1 - Thursday, November 2, 2023

  • Module 2 Hiring and Managing Research Staff
  • Module 3 Pre-Award Tasks: Study Start-Up, Budgeting, Coverage Analysis, and Activation
  • Module 4 Post-Award Tasks: Research Billing, Finance, and Reporting
Day 2 - Friday, November 3, 2023
  • Module 1 Foundations of Clinical Research Operations at UCSF
  • Module 5 Recruitment and Informed Consent
  • Module 6 IRB and Safety Reporting

Registering for Courses - Detailed Instructions

  1. Go to the UC Learning Center:
  2. Login using your MyAccess credentials (required even if you are already logged into MyAccess)
  3. Click the Search icon
  4. Search for "PI Bootcamp"
  5. From the list, determine which courses/dates you wish to take, and click ADD
  6. Then click REGISTER
  7. If you have questions, email [email protected]