Catalyst Award Advisors

Kevin Kabler PhD

Partner in Goodwin’s Technology Companies and Life Sciences

Kurt Jarnagin PhD

President and CSO of Rev Therapeutics

Sanjeev Redkar PhD, MBA

President & Co-Founder of Apollomics Inc. 

Agatha Martindale CPA

Vice President, Global Finance, Rakuten Medical, Inc.

Rajan Patel MS

Founder & COO at iO life science

Colin Walsh PhD

Principal at Qiming Venture Partners USA

Toni Kline PhD

Drug Discovery/Medicinal Chemistry Consultant

Gino Segrè PhD

Incubator Manager at QB3

Yan Cao PhD

Acting General Manager at Twist-China

Shann-Ching Chen PhD

Senior Scientist at Compal

Nick Pliam MD, PhD

Principal at Decheng Capital

Joshua Salafsky PhD

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer at Biodesy, Inc.

Maureen Cronin PhD

Chief Scientific Officer at HTG Molecular Diagnostics

Stuart Hwang PhD

Managing Director at Third Pillar Associates

Jennifer Miller PhD

Business and Strategy Consultant

Andy May D.Phil

Chief Technology Officer at Sana Biotechnology

Ioana Aanei PhD

Entrepreneurship Program Manager, Scientific Analyst at QB3

Isabel Elaine Allen PhD

Professor of Biostatistics & Epidemiology, UCSF

Ari Azhir PhD, MPhil

Founder, Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals

Alex Bajamonde PhD, MS

Senior Director, Biostatistics/Biometrics, Genentech

Pam Baker MIM

CEO, Founder at Journeous

Steven Basta MBA

Chief Executive Officer of Menlo Therapeutics, Inc.

Daniel Becker MD, JD

Partner, Fenwick & West LLP

Catherine Behrens PhD, MD

Senior Director Clinical Research, Roche Molecular Systems

Ellen Berg PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Translational Biology at Eurofins DiscoverX

Sarah Bodary PhD

Principal, Founder, Darwin Bodary Consulting

Mufaddal Bootwala MBA

Strategic Director of Marketing, Portola

William Boyle PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA

Tilmann Brotz PhD, MS

Principal, Konzept Drug Development Consulting

Teresa Burgess PhD

CSO and Co-founder, Paradigm Shift Therapeutics, LLC

Ivor Caro MD

Senior Medical Director, Genentech

Julie Cherrington PhD, MS

President and CEO, Arch Oncology

Richard Chin MD, MA

Founder & CEO, Kindred Bio

Douglas Crawford PhD

Managing Director, Mission Bay Capital

Jennifer Cygan PhD

Senior Director, Business Development, Calico

Joseph Dal Porto PhD

Site Head, Pfizer Center for Therapeutic Innovation - San Francisco

Nipun Davar PhD, MBA

Senior Vice President at Astex Pharmaceuticals

Peter DiLaura

Biotechnology CEO

Frederick Dorey JD

Special Counsel, Life Sciences, Cooley, LLP

Simone Fishburn PhD, MA

Vice President and Editor in Chief at BioCentury Inc.

Marshall Fordyce MD

CEO at Trucode Gene Repair, Inc

Jonathan Fox MD, PhD

President and Chief Medical Officer of Eidos Therapeutics, a BridgeBio Company

Stephen Freedman PhD

Vice President for Corporate Liaison and Ventures, Gladstone Institutes

Robert Garland MD, MBA, MPH

Partner, New Enterprise Associates

Snow Ge PhD

Senior Director, Nektar Therapeutics

Marlene Grenon MD

Associate Professor of Surgery, UCSF

Donna Johnson Gressler PhD

Patent Agent and Principal, Petra Patent LLC

Scott Hammond MD

Chief Medical Officer, Corporate Secretary Director of Translational Medical Research Laboratory, UCSB