Clinical Trial

Early Signs of Addiction in Teens Who Smoke

Brains of adolescents who smoke as little as two cigarettes a day respond to images of smoking as do the brains of heavily addicted adult smokers: with pleasure.

Applying Science to Prevent Childhood Cavities

UCSF dental scientist finds that xylitol can prevent cavities in infants.

Is Marijuana As Harmful as Tobacco?

UCSF-led study suggests low to moderate marijuana use may do less damage to lungs than tobacco.

New UCSF-Kaiser Permanente Collaboration

Outreach combining colorectal screenings with flu shot clinics marks translational research success.

Development of Internet-based Clinical Trial Technology for the Treatment of Autism

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have announced a grant award to UCSF to build the infrastructure to support high-quality, low-cost, and rapid randomized controlled trials of therapies for autism.

Daily Use of HIV Drug Can Reduce Risk of Acquiring HIV

New Study Helps Centers for Disease Control Formulate Guidance on Use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis as New HIV Prevention Strategy

Earlier Statin Treatment Can Be Cost-Effective, New UCSF Study Co-Authored by Mark Pletcher, Director of CTSI Consultation Services

The advent of low-cost, generic forms of cholesterol-lowering drugs has shifted the equation in managing lower-risk patients with elevated cholesterol levels, according to a multicenter study led by researchers at UCSF.

Soy Tablets Don't Ease Menopause Symptoms or Prevent Bone Loss, UCSF Study Co-Authored by CTSI Co-Director Deborah Grady

Women who use soy tablets to relieve the symptoms of menopause and prevent bone loss should stop because the pills simply don’t work, says Deborah Grady, co-director of the UCSF Women’s Health Clinical Research Center.