CTSI Ramps Up Support of COVID-19 Research

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at UC San Francisco (UCSF), a unit within the Office of Research, will support, coordinate and respond to COVID-19 research needs. Some of CTSI’s efforts to support impactful COVID-19 research include:


How CTSI Enabled a Groundbreaking Smoking Study through Facebook

The Recruitment and Intervention of Youth Smokers through Social Media

facebook image
Credit: Spencer E Holtaway/Flickr

New Resource for Researchers: Validated Measures for Research with Vulnerable & Special Populations

Tools to accelerate progress in achieving health equity, one of UCSF’s core values.

UCSF Event Highlights Importance of Diversity in Research Participants

Attendees learned strategies to recruit members of under-represented groups in clinical studies.

UCSF Awarded $9.75 Million to Create Platform Accelerating Mobile Health Research

NIH Award a Response to Health eHeart Study Success

UCSF Research Participant Registry Hits 1000 Enrolled

The Registry is a project of the UCSF Participant Recruitment Service (PRS), which provides expertise in all aspects of participant recruitment planning, development, and implementation.

Heart Study Tracks Cardiac Risk, Strokes in Real Time

Wall Street Journal features digital Health eHeart Study supported by CTSI.

New Services Available for Clinical Study Recruitment

Full suite of services helps UCSF researchers more effectively conduct clinical studies.

Weighing in On Participant Recruitment

In a commentary published in Academic Medicine, CTSI experts urge academic medical researchers to embrace new methods for recruiting participants into clinical trials.