Translational Research

New Pilot Award Supports Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders

As part of UCSF’s Spring 2019 RAP funding cycle, CTSI is offering a new pilot award (up to $40,000) to support research projects focused on the prevention and treatment of opioid disorders.

Master of Translational Medicine: All-in-one training in science, business and technology

UCSF-UC Berkeley joint MTM program guides students interested in developing medical technologies

Top Ten Trends in Health Sciences in 2014

CTSI's June Lee, MD, weighs in on Early Translation as a 2014 health science trend.

Maximizing Your UCSF Post-Doc Experience

UCSF scholar explores CTSI resources offering opportunities to expand post-doc development.

LaunchPad: Stem Cell Therapies for Acute Lung Injury

New online resource fts. researchers translating cell-based therapies for acute respiratory disease

LaunchPad: Targeted Therapies for Pain, Inflammation

New online resource fts. research on targeted drug delivery in bowel disease

LaunchPad: Drug-Delivery System for Chronic Eye Diseases

New online resource fts. research on highly effective delivery medicines for chronic eye diseases

LaunchPad: Novel Methods to Observe Disease

New online resource features researcher who shares methods to observe disease processes.