Translational Research

New Pilot Award Supports Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders

As part of UCSF’s Spring 2019 RAP funding cycle, CTSI is offering a new pilot award (up to $40,000) to support research projects focused on the prevention and treatment of opioid disorders.

Master of Translational Medicine: All-in-one training in science, business and technology

UCSF-UC Berkeley joint MTM program guides students interested in developing medical technologies

Top Ten Trends in Health Sciences in 2014

CTSI's June Lee, MD, weighs in on Early Translation as a 2014 health science trend.

Maximizing Your UCSF Post-Doc Experience

UCSF scholar explores CTSI resources offering opportunities to expand post-doc development.

LaunchPad: Stem Cell Therapies for Acute Lung Injury

New online resource fts. researchers translating cell-based therapies for acute respiratory disease

LaunchPad: Targeted Therapies for Pain, Inflammation

New online resource fts. research on targeted drug delivery in bowel disease

LaunchPad: Drug-Delivery System for Chronic Eye Diseases

New online resource fts. research on highly effective delivery medicines for chronic eye diseases

LaunchPad: Novel Methods to Observe Disease

New online resource features researcher who shares methods to observe disease processes.

LaunchPad: Q&A with Ruben Rathnasingham

LaunchPad highlights UCSF researchers and five keys to successful translational research.

New Expert Advice on Preclinical Development

CTSI's new track of Consultation Services supports preclinical development of drugs and devices.