Translational Research

Brain Research at UCSF Aims to Help Distracted Remember

UCSF cognitive neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, has used functional brain imaging and EEG studies to discover that older adults fare worse than younger adults at remembering following distractions.

Breaking Free of Sample Size Dogma to Perform Innovative Translational Research - New Article

Innovative clinical and translational research is often delayed or prevented by reviewers’ expectations that any study performed in humans must be shown in advance to have high statistical power.

UCSF Residents Showcase Their Research and Recognize Mentor of the Year

The recent Resident Research Symposium provided UCSF residents with the  opportunity to present their mentored projects and to exchange ideas with peers and faculty.

Impact of CTSI supported study on salt in teen diet makes national headlines

U.S. teenagers consume much more salt than any other age group, according to UCSF research presented Nov. 14 at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions meeting.

Symposium to Highlight Prospects, Challenges of Translating Stem Cell Science into Future Therapies

Designed to provide scientists and physicians with the “nuts and bolts” of translating stem cell science into cell-based products for clinical trials.

Apply Now for New UCSF Doctoral Program in Epidemiology and Translational Science

To strengthen and expand the epidemiologic training available to students at UCSF that draws on the strengths of our faculty and the campus.

Apply for New Master's in Translational Medicine Program, Jointly Launched by UCSF (CTSI and Bioengineering) and UC Berkeley (Bioengineering)

The multidisciplinary program, starting in fall 2010, focuses on technology and will offer a Master's of Science degree in Bioengineering.