Digital Health

CommonHealth Will Enable Android™ Phone Users to Access and Share their Electronic Health Record Data with Trusted Apps and Partners

Note: CommonHealth integration to UCSF’s electronic health record (EHR) is being supported and funded by CTSI's Research Technology program. This project will also demonstrate initial use of EHR data for smartphone-based study recruitment.

Proposals Awarded to Build UCSF's Path to a Continuously Learning Healthcare System

Two proposals selected by campus collaborative to help inform UCSF’s transformation into a Learning Healthcare System

The Uneven Future of Evidence-Based Medicine

Ida Sim, MD, PhD, co-director of CTSI's Informatics and Research Innovation (IRI) program, presents 3rd Cochrane Lecture at the Cochrane Colloquium in Vienna, Austria.

UCSF Awarded $9.75 Million to Create Platform Accelerating Mobile Health Research

NIH Award a Response to Health eHeart Study Success

6 Trends in Translational Science that Will Improve Your Health

Learn more about the trends and influences that are reshaping & accelerating translational science with a focus to improve health.

Top Ten Trends in Health Sciences in 2014

CTSI's June Lee, MD, weighs in on Early Translation as a 2014 health science trend.

LaunchPad: Q&A with Ruben Rathnasingham

LaunchPad highlights UCSF researchers and five keys to successful translational research.

Lessons from Twitter Prompt Scientists to Rethink Public Health Outreach

“In a collection of tweets there might be a story to tell about how people describe their health experiences, which might be hard to capture in any other way.”

Academics Embrace Digital Health: Bringing Measurement and Participation To Medicine

David Shaywitz, MD, PhD, writes on about UCSF's new CDHI, and efforts to organize and catalyze activities in this vital, emerging space.

Heart Study Tracks Cardiac Risk, Strokes in Real Time

Wall Street Journal features digital Health eHeart Study supported by CTSI.