A Slight Increase in Pediatric Cancer Risk Seen with Infant Phototherapy

Risk May Be Greater for Children Born with Down Syndrome

CTSI Spotlight: Erin Breed

Spotlight series highlights the faculty and staff who make CTSI's work possible.

CTSI Spotlight: Alka Kanaya

Spotlight series highlights the faculty and staff who make CTSI's work possible.

Leveraging Wealth of Genetic Knowledge to Improve Health

CTSI offers expert advice in next generation genome sequencing.

New Expert Advice on Preclinical Development

CTSI's new track of Consultation Services supports preclinical development of drugs and devices.

Solutions for Neglected Diseases

Making testing for a debilitating infection as easy as an over-the-counter pregnancy test.

Preventing Sports Injuries: Science-Based Video Technology Making Strides

Anthony Luke, a runner himself and UCSF associate professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, is using 2- and 3-D video game technologies for injury prevention.

New Collaboration to Test Drug with Potential to Block Parkinson’s

With the goal of slowing or stopping the spread of Parkinson’s disease, UCSF researchers have developed genetically-engineered mice to test drugs and medical therapies.

Promising Animal Studies Lay the Groundwork for Early Blood Clot Detection for Human Diseases

Michael Page, PhD, has invented a new method that shows clotting in real time and allows doctors to evaluate immediate risks and treat as needed.

New Free and Confidential Mentor Consultation Service for Researchers

UCSF faculty provide assistance with mentor and mentee issues and concerns such as mentoring challenges, help with mentoring resources, leadership strategies, academic advancement and more.