Yearlong Inquiry Program

Media Coverage of CTR Fellow's Sleep Work with Elite Athletes

Media coverage of Cheri Mah, a TL1 fellow in CTSI's Clinical and Translational Research Fellowship Program (CTRFP) on elite athlete applications of her REST study.

Annual Research Festival Draws on Innovation of UCSF Learners

Annual digital scientific poster presentations from UCSF students. Co-sponsored by Pathways to Discovery & CTSI.

CTST Announces New Leadership

Clinical and Translational Science Training (CTST) new directors: PRESCIENT, DDCF, TL1

How to Sleep Like a Pro (Athlete)

CTSI CTRFP fellow/sleep expert Cheri Mah studies sleep and performance in elite athletes, consults with professional sports teams

ePosterpalooza! and Scholarly Festival Wrap Up

Success at the 2014 Inter-School Research and Scholarly Activity Festival.

Research Festival Showcases Innovative Projects

Academic endeavors, innovative research at the 12th Inter-School Research & Scholarly Festival.

New Software Tool Potentially Reduces Number of Unnecessary Biopsy Surgeries in Women

After applying the tool and comparing the data with the biopsy findings, UCSF researchers reduced the number of benign biopsies or false-positives by 60%, from 55 to 22.