ePosterpalooza! and Scholarly Festival Wrap Up

Posterpalooza was founded by Dr. Joel Palefsky in 2010.  The idea for the student poster symposium began with Palefsky’s desire to find a way to celebrate and highlight the research and scholarly accomplishments of the Clinical and Translational Research Fellowship Program (CTRFP) students (formerly known as PACCTR).  Directed by Palefsky, these students had completed a year off from their studies to focus on learning about conducting clinical and translational research.  As word spread about the event, the idea quickly grew to include a broad range of students and residents from every school at UCSF.  Posterpalooza was born!

This year’s Posterpalooza was re-named “ePosterpalooza!” because this year the event was presented using a digital format.  No more paper posters!  All 120 participating students submitted their abstracts and posters online and converged at the Gymnasium at Millberry Union on May 1 to present their work to fellow students and faculty. In the last few years, in an effort to highlight the greatest number of students, Posteraplooza has joined with the Annual Pathways to Discovery Awards, and now those events occur in tandem.  See this year’s event website here

It was Palefsky who insisted on adding the exclamation mark to the moniker, to emphasize the importance of this great event. “This is an event that has been growing every year.  It seemed fitting that on this year we add the “e” to ePosterpalooza! as we try an all-digital format for the first time.  We were very excited to see how the whole event came together and were glad people from all over UCSF came to see the student’s work showcased.”

Combined with a number of other end-of-the-academic year events, Posterpalooza is a part of what is now known as the Annual Inter-school Research and Scholarly Activity Festival.  Like Posterpalooza, the festival included events from all four schools and is one of the largest events highlighting the strong inter-disciplinary focus at UCSF. This year was the fifth year of the festival, which in addition to Posterpalooza and the Pathways to Discovery Awards, hosts the annual CTRFP Symposium, the School of Pharmacy’s 16th Annual Spring Research Seminar, the Inter-School Clinical and Translational Research Journal Club, the School of Dentistry Global Oral Health Symposium, and the UCSF Multidisciplinary Residents’ Research Symposium.

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2014 ePosterpalooza / UCSF Scholarly Research Festival

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