New Resource for Researchers: Validated Measures for Research with Vulnerable & Special Populations

Tools to accelerate progress in achieving health equity, one of UCSF’s core values.

K Scholar study: Food Budgets At Month’s End And Hospital Admissions for Hypoglycemia

CTSI K Scholar funded study on low food budgets creating risk for hypoglycemia among people with diabetes.

African-American, Latino Children Drink More Sugary Fruit Juice

African-American and Latino children may be replacing soda with 100 percent fruit juice while their white peers are not.

UCSF Students Drawn to San Francisco's Legacy of Social Justice

PRIME student collaborates with CTSI's SF HIP to combat Hepatitis B.

Longer Trips to the ER, Especially for Minorities and Poor

In a new study led by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), researchers examined changes in driving time to trauma centers, which have increasingly been shuttered in recent years.

Evaluating Worldwide Evidence on How to Reduce Inequities in Alcohol Problems

Among the publications recognized by The British Medical Association’s 2011 Medical Book Awards, "Equity, Social Determinants and Public Health Programmes" received the top award in the Public Health category.