UCSF is the First Health System Available in CommonHealth App

Ida Sim, MD, PhD, co-director of the Informatics and Research Innovation (IRI) program at CTSI and professor of Medicine, shares insights on the CommonHealth project and app. CTSI provided funding support to pilot the app at UCSF.

UCSF COVID-19 Patient Data for Research is Now Available

As many researchers at UCSF community are looking to conduct research on COVID-19, we would like to let you know of a resource that can help you gain timely access to the UCSF COVID-19 patient data in our electronic health record (APeX). 

CommonHealth Will Enable Android™ Phone Users to Access and Share their Electronic Health Record Data with Trusted Apps and Partners

Note: CommonHealth integration to UCSF’s electronic health record (EHR) is being supported and funded by CTSI's Research Technology program. This project will also demonstrate initial use of EHR data for smartphone-based study recruitment.

Measuring Newborns’ Weight Loss With Electronic Health Records to Give Babies a Healthy Start

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Reducing the Need for Non-Preventive Healthcare Utilization in the First Month of Life

Virtual System Works in Managing Diabetes for Hospital Patients

Note: CTSI provided support for this study.

An innovative virtual glucose management service (vGMS) for hospitalized patients with diabetes is highly effective at maintaining appropriate glucose levels, according to a study led by researchers at UC San Francisco.

UCSF Open Proposals, UC TrialQuest Win UC’s Highest Technology Award

UCSF CTSI affiliated projects received top honors in the 2016 University of California’s 2016 Larry L. Sautter Awards

A Global, Neutral Platform for Sharing Trial Data

Patient-level data are the lifeblood of clinical research, and their value and benefit can be maximized if they are responsibly, routinely and easily shared.