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Free Genome Sequencing Now Available to all UCSF Patients

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Nation’s Most Comprehensive Whole-Genome Screening Program Will Advance Inclusive Precision Medicine Across UCSF Health

UC San Francisco scientists have launched a precision medicine initiative to offer free voluntary whole genome sequencing to all UCSF Health patients – making it the most comprehensive program of its kind in the nation.

CTSI Ramps Up Support of COVID-19 Research

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at UC San Francisco (UCSF), a unit within the Office of Research, will support, coordinate and respond to COVID-19 research needs. Some of CTSI’s efforts to support impactful COVID-19 research include:


Water Stations Fight Obesity by Curbing San Francisco’s Thirst for Sugary Sodas

Note: This community and research led work was supported by CTSI's Community Engagement and Health Policy program.

UCSF’s Research Helps to Open the Taps for Better Health Across The City’s Neighborhoods via

Tung Nguyen Honored with a Chancellor Award for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership

Differences Matter Co-Leader of the Research Action Group for Equity is Honored with a Chancellor Award for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership

City Visions: Are sugary drinks a public health hazard?

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Last week, researchers at UCSF published a study showing that a ban on sugary drinks at work has significant positive health effects, from a smaller waist size to improved insulin resistance to lower cholesterol.

Promoting Drinking Water to Improve Bay Area Health

Final report from the Drinking Water Promotion Project (DWAPP)

SFBay CRN 4th Annual Meeting Report

Creating research partnerships at the intersection of community, clinical practice, and public policy.

Awards Highlight Partnerships Between UCSF, Community That Promote Health Equity

Arborist Apprentice Internship Program CCE Partnerships Celebration Awardee

Note: CTSI is the administrative home of Center for Community Engagement.

San Francisco Bay Collaborative Research Network: Building Partnerships for Research In Practice Improvement and Population Health

More than 125 researchers and healthcare leaders gathered at UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay Campus on May 11 to network and share opportunities to build research partnerships that can transform health care outcomes in our diverse Bay Area communities. The occasion marked the third annual stakeholder meeting of the San Francisco Bay Area Collaborative Research Network.