Social Media

How CTSI Enabled a Groundbreaking Smoking Study through Facebook

The Recruitment and Intervention of Youth Smokers through Social Media

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Credit: Spencer E Holtaway/Flickr

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Informed consent and the ethics of the Facebook news feed study

Ethics, informed consent of Facebook study

CTSI Social Media Bootcamp for K Scholars

Academic/Research Blogging & Social Media to Amplify Your Work.

Lessons from Twitter Prompt Scientists to Rethink Public Health Outreach

“In a collection of tweets there might be a story to tell about how people describe their health experiences, which might be hard to capture in any other way.”

“Am I having a stroke?” UCSF Research Tests New Way of Connecting Physicians With People Who Look for Health Information Online

UCSF researcher Anthony Kim explores new ways of using the web to potentially reduce incidences of preventable diseases.

Leveraging the Social Web for Research Networking

Five questions with CTSI Technical Architect Eric Meeks about the benefits of OpenSocial.

Social Media and the Way We Talk About Science

Five Questions With UCSF Neuroscientist Bradley Voytek.