Translational Research

Preventing Sports Injuries: Science-Based Video Technology Making Strides

Anthony Luke, a runner himself and UCSF associate professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, is using 2- and 3-D video game technologies for injury prevention.

UC BRAID Accelerating Translational Research in CA

University of California program pools resources and expertise to improve research.

New Collaboration to Test Drug with Potential to Block Parkinson’s

With the goal of slowing or stopping the spread of Parkinson’s disease, UCSF researchers have developed genetically-engineered mice to test drugs and medical therapies.

Promising Animal Studies Lay the Groundwork for Early Blood Clot Detection for Human Diseases

Michael Page, PhD, has invented a new method that shows clotting in real time and allows doctors to evaluate immediate risks and treat as needed.

CTSI Annual Retreat Marks Five Years of Progress, and a Vision for Five More

Among the highlights of the retreat was an American Idol-style "competition" that showcased presentations from CTSI programs on key achievements and measurable progress "judged" by UCSF leadership representatives.

New Center of Research Translation To Study Osteoarthritis

Quantitative imaging metrics to be linked to joint kinematics, kinetics, patient function and translated to the musculoskeletal clinic to improve patient management and outcome.

NIH Director Says Timing Right to Reengineer Translational Science

Francis Collins, MD, PhD, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), wants to reengineer the process of developing diagnostics, devices and therapeutics to better detect, treat and prevent disease.

UCSF-CTSI Receives $112 Million to Help Translate Science into Cures

A UCSF institute aimed at accelerating the pace of translating science into real-life solutions for patients has received $112 million from the National Institutes of Health to expand its work over the next five years.

CTSI at UCSF: Translating Science into Real-life Solutions

With renewed funding, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at UCSF is poised to further accelerate the translation of the translation of biomedical research into clinical therapies.

Translational Research Begins to Explain Chronic Health Problems Associated with Intimate Partner Violence, supported by CTSI

Janice Humphreys, RN, NP, PhD, and an interdisciplinary group of UCSF colleagues uncovered striking, new information.