Translational Research

Link Between Meat and Fat in Preventing Heart Disease

CTSI-supported research explores the role proteins and fats play in cholesterol levels.

New Master’s Program Links Health Science and Law

UCSF/UC Hastings Consortium Master's program aims to improve interdisciplinary collaboration.

New Awards Support Engagement, Improved Research

New CTSI pilot awards to improve the conduct of translational research will be assessed and funded using a novel "Open Proposal" forum.

Q&A With CTSI Director Clay Johnston

Insights into challenges, opportunities, and trends affecting CTSI and translational research.

Assessing Life Expectancy of Older Patients

CTSI-supported research leads to website with prognostic indices used to calculate life expectancy.

2011 Advances in Science: Bench to Bedside

A sampling of recent UCSF advances connecting research discovery to better healthcare.

Solutions for Neglected Diseases

Making testing for a debilitating infection as easy as an over-the-counter pregnancy test.

Preventing Sports Injuries: Science-Based Video Technology Making Strides

Anthony Luke, a runner himself and UCSF associate professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, is using 2- and 3-D video game technologies for injury prevention.

UC BRAID Accelerating Translational Research in CA

University of California program pools resources and expertise to improve research.

New Collaboration to Test Drug with Potential to Block Parkinson’s

With the goal of slowing or stopping the spread of Parkinson’s disease, UCSF researchers have developed genetically-engineered mice to test drugs and medical therapies.