UCSF Research Participant Registry Hits 1000 Enrolled

The UCSF Research Participant Registry, which launched nearly year ago, has met its first goal with more than 1,000 research volunteers enrolled. The UCSF Registry serves as a resource for UCSF researchers to identify volunteers from the general public who want to be contacted about clinical research studies and have provided self-reported health information that can be queried for prescreening.  

"We are very excited to reach this milestone, and to continue supporting clinical researchers in meeting their recruitment goals," said Nariman Nasser, director of CTSI's Participant Recruitment Service (PRS) program. "It's great to have this resource available to the public and inspiring to see new volunteers join each day."

"A research opportunity is out there for everyone and UCSF offers so many innovative clinical research studies that are always looking for volunteers, whether they are healthy or have disease-specific health conditions," she added.

Learn more about how UCSF researchers can use the Research Participant Registry to recruit for their own clinical research studies by contacting (415) 514-8140 or emailing [email protected].

Join the registry online or call 855-855-UCSF (8273) to enroll.
Other services offered by PRS:
Recruitment Analysis and Planning and Recruitment Implementation
Cohort Identification and Direct Mail 
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