New Mobile Health Grant Opportunities and Associated Programs

In partnership with the Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office, CTSI is pleased to announce two new grant mechanisms to support basic and translational research projects in mobile health.

CTSI Announces New mHealth Grant Program

The program offers research project and development awards as well as translational consultation.

CTSI Annual Retreat Marks Five Years of Progress, and a Vision for Five More

Among the highlights of the retreat was an American Idol-style "competition" that showcased presentations from CTSI programs on key achievements and measurable progress "judged" by UCSF leadership representatives.

UCSF-CTSI Receives $112 Million to Help Translate Science into Cures

A UCSF institute aimed at accelerating the pace of translating science into real-life solutions for patients has received $112 million from the National Institutes of Health to expand its work over the next five years.

New Edition of UCSF-CTSI Community Engagement & Health Policy Newsletter Online

Connections features information and resources for researchers, clinicians, public health program providers community agency staff and policy makers interested in translational health research.

Sample Letters of Support now provided by the Successful K Proposal Library

All at UCSF can view an learn from sample letters of support and examples of K08, K23 and K24 grant applications.

Community Engagement is Key Element in Success of CAN DO 2 Grant Renewal

With assistance from CTSI consultants, UCSF’s Center to Address Disparities in Children’s Oral Health in the School of Dentistry, nicknamed CAN DO 2, received NIH renewal funding for 7 more years.