K Scholars

K Scholar study: Food Budgets At Month’s End And Hospital Admissions for Hypoglycemia

CTSI K Scholar funded study on low food budgets creating risk for hypoglycemia among people with diabetes.

Improving Communications for Perinatal Safety

Audrey Lyndon is best known for her work demonstrating how communication failures contribute to preventable adverse events in perinatal care – and for developing strategies to improve safety on labor and delivery units.

ER Patients Unlock Vital Info to Treating Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Carolyn Calfee, MD, CTSI K Scholar, is opening the door to the possibility of diagnosing and treating Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) before it becomes life-threatening.

Investigating a Link Between Oral Health and Kidney Function

Vanessa Grubbs, MD, K Scholar, studies connection between gum infections & kidney disease.

Looking for Asthma Clues in the Wood Stoves of Honduras

Joshua Galanter, MD, K Scholar, investigates asthma & links to wood burning stoves in Honduras.

Q&A With Director of UCSF's K Scholars Program

UCSF K Scholars program works across disciplines to develop collaborative, creative leaders.

African-American, Latino Children Drink More Sugary Fruit Juice

African-American and Latino children may be replacing soda with 100 percent fruit juice while their white peers are not.

How Formula Can Complement Breast-Feeding

CTSI-supported study suggests that carefully regulated formula feeding before your milk comes in will not harm your baby’s ability to breast-feed, and done properly, it may even help in the long run.

CTSI KL2 Scholars Announced

CTSI K Scholar Program is pleased to announce the CTSI KL2 Scholars, beginning July 1, 2013.

Gerontological Nursing at the Heart of Effective Care for the Elderly

CTSI K Scholar Caroline Stephens, RN, PhD, conducts research on how to improve medical care systems to minimize the need for frail older adults to make disruptive trips to the hospital.