Pilot Awards

Early Signs of Addiction in Teens Who Smoke

Brains of adolescents who smoke as little as two cigarettes a day respond to images of smoking as do the brains of heavily addicted adult smokers: with pleasure.

CTSI Announces Spring 2012 SOS Awardees

Now in its sixth year, the SOS program has announced seventeen awards averaging more than $28k per award and distributed to UCSF researchers at every stage.

Applying Science to Prevent Childhood Cavities

UCSF dental scientist finds that xylitol can prevent cavities in infants.

Mapping the Brain to Predict Surgery Outcomes

UCSF researcher credits CTSI technology grant with helping his lab maintain momentum.

SOS and RAP announce spring awards

On June 30th the Resource Allocation Program (RAP) announced 44 awards to faculty at all levels to support pilot projects and facilitate career development of clinical & translational researchers.