CTSI Announces Open Proposal Awardees

In the Spring of 2012, CTSI invited the UCSF community and CTSI Affiliate organizations to submit ideas for improving the conduct of translational research.

Seeking to enable new models of collaboration in proposal creation and team development, CTSI used a novel "Open Proposal" format for this award, which allowed others at UCSF to review proposals and make comments, and gave proposers the opportunity to find potential partners and make improvements to original proposals.

Twenty eight proposals were submitted, and the eight proposals below were awarded funding (see a Summary of Activity below). View more information about this Open Proposal.

Proposals Awarded Funding

Fabrice BerettaImproving CRS Performance through Application of Lean/6 Sigma
Jennifer CreasmanData Management for Research Community
Amy Gelfand"Expedited" Expedited CHR submission and approval for Chart Review Research (Category 5)
Ralph GonzalesAction Research Program
Dennis HsiehTranslating Research into Law and Policy
Anthony KimExtending Direct-to-Participant Recruitment on the Internet with Effective Online Self-Screening Eligibility Surveys
Ruben Rathnasingham   Video Series to Support Translational Research and Development
Leslie YuanResearch Networking Software App/Gadget Development Competition

View all submitted proposals or learn more about the CTSI Annual Pilot Awards to Improve the Conduct of Research.

Summary of Activity:

Of the 28 proposals submitted:

  • 8 were awarded funding
  • 4 were determined to be ineligible
  • 1 was withdrawn (commenters provided information/resources to fulfill proposers needs)
  • 6 have the potential to receive other funding or to be absorbed into existing UCSF programs/projects.

A total of 390 comments were posted in response to proposals (one proposal received 51 comments).

Award funding totaled approximately $327,000 (awards ranged from $16,340 to $85,904, with an average award amount of $43,411).

Percentage of applications by school/unit:

  • School of Medicine: 79%
  • CTSI: 14%
  • School of Pharmacy: 7%

Number of applicants by title:

  • Professor/Faculty: 15
  • Administrator (includes Directors): 6
  • Post-doc Scholar: 4
  • Student: 2
  • Assistant Researcher: 1