LaunchPad: Targeted Therapies for Pain, Inflammation

New online resource fts. research on targeted drug delivery in bowel disease

LaunchPad: Drug-Delivery System for Chronic Eye Diseases

New online resource fts. research on highly effective delivery medicines for chronic eye diseases

LaunchPad: Novel Methods to Observe Disease

New online resource features researcher who shares methods to observe disease processes.

The Rise of the Multi-Talented Adult Stem Cell highlights UCSF research that could lead to dramatic cures.

Research Offers Hope for HIV+ Cancer Patients

CTSI's T1 Catalyst Award provides kick start for promising cancer treatment research at UCSF.

Preventing Sports Injuries: Science-Based Video Technology Making Strides

Anthony Luke, a runner himself and UCSF associate professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, is using 2- and 3-D video game technologies for injury prevention.

New Collaboration to Test Drug with Potential to Block Parkinson’s

With the goal of slowing or stopping the spread of Parkinson’s disease, UCSF researchers have developed genetically-engineered mice to test drugs and medical therapies.

New T1 Translational Catalyst Award to Support Development of Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Experts from industry, academia, and venture capital who have experience creating therapies and diagnostic tests will help the researchers outline appropriate next steps.