Clinical Research

Quest Diagnostics, UCSF to Develop Diagnostic Tools

CTSI director of early translational research to oversee Quest partnership with UCSF.

CTSI Director in Bay Area People to Watch in 2014 List

SF Chronicle lists CTSI Director in Bay Area 'Top People to Watch' list.

The Disease Olympics

CTSI Director Clay Johnston in Nature Medicine's cover story on the contest between disease-specific lobbyists, also referred to as the "disease olympics."

“Am I having a stroke?” UCSF Research Tests New Way of Connecting Physicians With People Who Look for Health Information Online

UCSF researcher Anthony Kim explores new ways of using the web to potentially reduce incidences of preventable diseases.

A Chance at Normal Life for Children with Rare Diseases

Paul Harmatz, MD, helps patients like Amro, who receives a weekly therapy that changed his life.

Link Between Meat and Fat in Preventing Heart Disease

CTSI-supported research explores the role proteins and fats play in cholesterol levels.

BMJ Features Study by CTSI Doris Duke Research Fellow

British Medical Journal reports on the effect missing clinical trial data has on both patients and costs, and notes that missing data is a serious problem.

UCSF Launches Online HUB for Clinical Research

A collaborative UCSF effort has produced the HUB, a one-stop resource for clinical investigators.

UCSF Shares $25-Million Grant To Find Epilepsy Genes

More than 4,000 people with various forms of epilepsy will have their DNA decoded over the next five years in a study led by UCSF researchers.

Physician Influences Every Day Practice

UCSF investigator helps HIV patients benefit from research on antiretroviral therapy.