CTSI Represented at San Francisco AIDS Walk

By Leland Kim on UCSF.edu

The year 1982 was pivotal for Paul Volberding, MD. In the early days of the AIDS crisis, he was a talented research fellow who was getting ready to help launch San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center’s Ward 86, which would become the world’s first HIV/AIDS outpatient clinic. It opened its doors the following year.

The year 1982 was also important for Julia James, PhD, a postdoctoral candidate at the UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. That’s when she was born.

Not only was it a fun and important event, but it was great to have friends from CTSI to enjoy it with.
Lesie Yuan, Director of CTSI's Virtual Home program

Both Volberding and James have made AIDS research their professional passion and both participated as members of the UCSF AIDS Walk team at the 26th annual San Francisco AIDS Walk.

They and almost 300 others, including a CTSI team, represented UCSF and raised more than $54,000.

CTSI's team: John Daigre, Michael Donnell, Jon Rueter, Sarah Nelson, Alice Fishman, Leslie Yuan with daughter Mia, Laura Kwong, Nariman Nasser with son Jackson, Eunic Stephens, Oksana Gologorskaya with daughters Sasha, Polina, & Marie, & Yuri Gologorskiy.

Members of the UCSF AIDS Walk team were among the 20,000 participants who raised close to $2.7 million for AIDS research and services in the Bay Area.

Overall, the AIDS Walk drew more than 20,000 participants who brought in close to $2.7 million for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, money that will support AIDS research and services throughout the Bay Area.

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