CTSI Teams Take On The Go Game Challenge

2014 CTSI Go Game

On Thursday, April 17, nearly 30 CTSI staff participated in The Go Game, which is a team building 'scavenger hunt' style game that assigns a diverse range of challenges and work-related trivia to teams to accomplish together within a few hours.

The event was organized by CTSI's Employee Engagement Committee, which emerged following a staff brainstorming session where many people expressed interest in getting to know their colleagues from other departments better. Inspired by that idea, volunteers formed the committee which brought staff together for this first-time, high energy team building game. Five randomly assigned teams enthusiastically took on their challenges and were spotted running around the South of Market area.

Here's what staff had to say about The Go Game experience:

"CTSI’s mission of 'Accelerating Research to Improve Health' starts with CTSI’s employees and their commitment to perform their job with integrity and genuine passion within their own skillset. The Go Game brought that inner passion out from all participants and was put on display for everyone to be a part of and to enjoy. During the few hours of that day, the individuality we all possess, was united with fun and enjoyment to truly become the CTSI community we all represent."
- Shondell Moody, Finance & Operations

“The Go Game was fun and potentially embarrassing. Because of this, protecting our colleagues from embarrassment while supporting them as they pushed their own limits turned out to be an odd but effective way to build camaraderie.”
 - Greg Tong, Planning, Evaulation & Tracking (PET)

"I learned a lot about my teammates and their collaborative styles. We are a very enthusiastic group!”
- Sindy Law, Clinical Research Services (CRS)

"I may be biased, but I think I had the best, most fun team. Though almost everyone else on my team was coincidentally from Virtual Home, I always felt welcomed and included. My favorite part was watching the videos/photos afterwards. I had a wonderful time and appreciate the effort."
- Aria Yow, Operations & Finance

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CTSI GoGame 2014