Massive Hype -- and Hope -- for Digital Health in Silicon Valley

By David Shaywitz, MD, PhD, via

Medical innovation and dHealth expert Dr. David Shaywitz (@DShaywitz) mentions CTSI's Catalyst Award in a recent story at highlighting the challenges faced by design-focused health companies in Silicon Valley:

Excerpt from the original post:

I was reminded of this contrast during a recent experience I had as a digital health advisor for a team within a UCSF program [Catalyst Award] whose focus includes stimulating innovation from front-line clinicians. While I’m not sure whether the idea proposed will turn into any kind of business (though frankly, I hope it does), the problem the physician was trying to solve was both real and pressing, and the innovation, developed by a real clinical expert in the field, focused squarely on helping out a specific group of afflicted patients.

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