New Expert Advice in Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Research Available

Provides help with all areas of imaging research, from study design and sample/subject management to data analysis and post processing. Services include:
  • Preclinical Imaging - subject handling, surgical suites, murine models of human disease
  • Clinical (Human) Imaging - Structure and Function imaging, patient scheduling, comprehensive follow-up, clinical trials, phase 0 trials, study design, protocol development
  • Contrast Agents - On-site Cyclotron, probe development, in vivo assessment of metabolism, hypoxia, inflammation, ph, blood flow, tissue permeability, etc.
  • Imaging Capabilities - µPET/µCT/MRI in pre-clinical models, Fluorescence and bioluminescence, human PET/CT, whole-body high-field MRI at 3T and 7T, High resolution peripheral computed tomography, Hi-res hyperpolarized MR spectroscopic imaging (not able to provide this as a service for humans)
  • Data Management - Research PACS for secure, project-specific storage and archival, data Q/A, custom imaging research workflows and auditing, study-specific meta-data capture using web-based CRFs
  • Image Processing and Analysis - Segmentation, Registration, Quantitative measures of morphology and function, serial measurements for therapeutic efficacy monitoring, custom processing capabilities, imaging core lab
  • Clinical Assessments - Radiological assessment and interpretation by physicians, RECIST measures for oncology studies
Request a service Questions: Send an email to [email protected]