New T1 Translational Catalyst Award to Support Development of Diagnostics and Therapeutics

CTSI Director, S. Claiborne (Clay) Johnston, MD, PhD
CTSI Director, S. Claiborne (Clay) Johnston, MD, PhD/Photo: Majed/
Researchers at UCSF and affiliated institutes are encouraged to apply for a new catalyst award that is designed to support the practical early development of diagnostics and therapeutics for use in patient care, also called translational research phase 1 or T1. The concept of this award is unusual: Although successful applicants may receive some financial support directly, the real prize is detailed consultation from a panel of experts. Experts from industry, academia, and venture capital who have experience creating therapies and diagnostic tests will help the researchers outline appropriate next steps for the translation of their discovery and find appropriate partners and funders in industry and foundations.  A similar program was piloted at the Gladstone and Gallo institutes, managed by some of the same experts, and has resulted in a variety of commercial relationships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and venture capital funded start ups, including significant amounts of research support. Keep reading