New UCSF Cohort Selection Tool: Systematic Access to Rich Electronic Health Records

The Cohort Selection Tool enables researchers to query the Integrated Data Repository (IDR). The IDR currently contains a de-identified copy of the UCSF Medical Center UCare database and the UCSF School of Dentistry Dental Clinic database. By utilizing this tool to explore the patient populations contained in these data sources, researchers can test hypotheses and identify potential cohorts. Goal of the tool:
  • Leverage existing clinical data 
  • Allow researchers to create cohorts for observational studies, particularly comparative effectiveness and quality improvement studies
  • Identify potential subjects for studies, including to confirm feasibility
Obtaining Personal Health Information (PHI) for a cohort: If you have identified a potential cohort for your study utilizing the Cohort Selection Tool, then our team can extract the corresponding identifiers for your patient population with proper CHR protocol approval. This extract will be delivered to you in your MyResearch account to ensure the continued security of the data. These services are provided through CTSI Consultation Services - available to all researchers at UCSF and affiliated institutions. Access the Cohort Selection Tool:
  • From within the MyResearch environment. If you have an existing MyResearch account, MyResearch can be accessed by entering into your browser. 
  • If you do not have a MyResearch account, then a MyResearch account will be created for you as part your request for access to the Cohort Selection Tool. MyResearch is available for use to the UCSF Research Community and its collaborators at zero cost.
Getting an account for the Cohort Selection Tool: All researchers who wish to utilize the Cohort Selection Tool must complete a training course on how to use the tool before access will be granted.
Training courses:
  • Conducted on a monthly basis in the Campus Library in room CL-506
  • Dates:  October 26, 2:30-4 PM; November 23, 2:30-4 PM 
  • Register
Questions: Email ARS  Developed by:  Academic Research Systems (ARS) unit of the Information Technology Services (ITS) department in partnership with CTSI Biomedical Informatics.