RAP Spurs Research Excellence

The UCSF Resource Allocation Program (RAP), which allows researchers to submit for multiple funding opportunities through one grant application, was established five years ago with the goal of streamlining the intramural award process at UCSF.

This umbrella funding organization not only has done just that, but it continues to grow, awarding more than $4.6 million this past academic year.

[The latest statistics] are a good sign for the overall, long-term success of RAP.
Emy Volpe, RAP progam manager

“We set out to harmonize the application process by providing standard, centralized and transparent processes for submitting, reviewing and tracking of intramural research funding,” said Emy Volpe, JD, program manager for RAP.

While it was expected that having a single source of contact would improve the funding process, there also has been a 66-percent annual increase in application submissions. “That’s a good sign for the overall, long-term success of RAP,” Volpe said.

In total, RAP awarded $4,631,455 through 22 research grants for academic year 2011-2012 – an increase of $1,120,266 over the previous year. RAP offers an additional six grants that go through an independent review process.

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